Should You Consider XFINITY Home Security?

UPDATED:  June 11, 2017 – Comcast’s XFINITY Home security system is taking advantage of their position in your home and is aimed at taking on ADT and other well-known home security companies. While you’ve already signed up for internet, cable, and perhaps phone you might as well add home security and automation. At least they hope you will add security and automation. We are in no way affiliated with, see below for Xfinity Home Security login access. 

 Xfinity Home Security: Features of the Xfinity App

Use www Xfinity with your Xfinity home login to access your wireless security system. You can also get the Xfinity security app for your smartphone – the app is free, just like the online login. Set your Xfinity home security system to use sensors and cameras to record a 15 – second video clip every time the door to your house opens; review the footage on your XHS web portal and catch burglars. Use your Xfinity home page to adjust your digital thermostat remotely, or to turn your lights on or off. This way, you can save money on energy bills while away from home, and deter criminals who think there’s someone home when there’s not; then, when you’re on your way back, turn the thermostat back on again using your app!

Your MyXfinity portal will have all your security zones on the left of the screen; you can choose to arm or disarm your system. If you like, set up your system to email you when your system is armed or disarmed. Select which camera to view life feed footage from. If you like, you can save pictures or videos taken by your system. The “Rules” feature lets you customize your security features for your home.

There are three “types” of rules that you can use to organize your customized rules:

Schedule Rules – Which tell your system to do a specific action at a given time.

Event Rules – Designed to have your system react when something happens, or

Non-Event Rules – Meaning that your system responds when something DOESN’T happens that should – as in, your kids should have arrived home from school, but they haven’t yet – so your system emails you to let you know.

You also receive alerts when smoke or water is detected. Xfinity Home Security systems are monitored 24/7 by Xfinity professionals to help keep you, your family, or your business safe.

Xfinity Home Sign up

Setting up a Xfinity Home Security account is fast and easy. Simply go to the Xfinity homepage and click the “Shop/Upgrade” tab at the top, once the page redirects click “Products” and find the Xfinity Home option. Once in this page you can shop plans and get more information on the Xfinity Home Security system. If you are a current Xfinity customer, Login and sign up. If you are a new user create an account and get started, Xfinity is available by phone to answer any question and start the process for getting you set up with a Xfinity Home Security system. Using the Xfinity app makes the user experience one the best and makes Xfinity Home one of the best home security system on the market.

Xfinity Home: Background and News

Customers can now use Xfinity Home to control their Nest devices such as Thermostat and lights. Xfinity Home Security (XHS) uses Broadband to connect all your traditional home security features, in addition to your smart home features that are becoming more commonplace in today’s technology. Xfinity’s privacy is certified through TRUSTe. Xfinity displays its commitment to reducing carbon footprints through its EcoSaver section, usable with an EcoSaver – activated thermostat. View your EcoSaver information and benefits it’s giving you with your web portal.

Need Technical Support?

Call 1-800-XFINITY, or 1-800-934-6489. Use the Xfinity home page to locate a store location near you. Visit and get started.

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