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UPDATED:  June 4, 2017 – My Lifetouch.com is a professional photography business used by schools, families, churches, sports teams, colleges, and nonprofit organizations. The business has four divisions operating within local communities in North America. Based on the traditional picture day at school we all remember, they take photos of children and teens from kindergarten through high school. Life Touch has retail outlets in JC Penney, Target, and through Cilento Photography. Their Church Directories and creative portrait photography takes family photos and have printed and online directories. Lifetouch has Preschool photography services that specialize in toddlers and infants. We are in no way affiliated with MyLifeTouch.com, see below for login access.

My lifetouch.com provides schools with safe ways to download pictures and transmit student information. They provide students with safety ID cards which parents keep in case of emergencies. They can be used to give to the police. Schools with online accounts have access to image software which can create new student’s ID’s when needed. Parents that order photos online can be assured of a safe online system. Customer service works with schools and parents to ensure online payments and ordering go well. Mylifetouch.com produces videos and yearbooks.

Creating an account on my lifetouch com is easy. You have to fill out the form on the website. It requires name, email, and for you to create a unique user ID and password. After that you can create an account by clicking on Create Account. Read the terms and conditions before clicking. The account lets you order and print professional photos and view your order history. You can sign up for discounts on photos too. Call customer service to find out differences between personal and business account for schools and organizations at www.mylifetouch.com they have an online chat feature for customers and customer service.

LifeTouch publishes yearbooks and offers 24 hour support and online tools for schools with accounts. In WebEase you can upload images, enter text, and layout pages. The customer service staff will help with design, sales, and printing of the yearbook. An account can streamline the process for your school. Mylifetouch help with taking portraits and photos of sport teams at schools or organization. The staff takes great pictures only found in professional photography studios and helps with sales and promotions.

For more information on how to open a personal or business account visit lifetouch.com and fill out their online form. Select an option from their drop down menu and give them your name, address, email and phone or call 1-888-265-267-7571 to learn more.

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