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UPDATED:  JUNE 5, 2017 – In partnership with both My Family Mobile and T-Mobile, Walmart now offers a variety cell phones and mobile phone plans.  Although does not offer prepaid phones they do offer pay as you go phone plans with the best-unlimited data plan you can find. Another nice feature of a MyFamily cell phone plan that not all of the larger cell phone companies offer, is no contract cell phone plans.

After you have purchased a cell phone plan with Walmart Family Mobile, you will find that setting up your cell phone account at is incredibly convenient. Once you have created an online account and logged in, you can pay your phone bill, get technical assistance from the help desk with your phone, track your cell phone plans call, text, and data usage.

Manage your Account

There are many benefits to using that go beyond just online mobile bill pay.  You can also do the following things with your login:

Having a online account allows users access to their cell phone service data usages, talk and text minutes and account balance. If you are due for an upgrade you can look at cell phone comparisons or renew your phone contract. If you need to add data or other add-ons the cell phone plan comparison area is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. From you can view your billing history, set up automatic bill pay and make online payments all from your mobile phone and the convenience of your couch. Technical support for your cell phone and phone plan are a click away.

If you’re unable to access your online account, you can always pay your bill simply by dialing 611 on your phone, or in-person at the nearest Wal-Mart location. also makes it easy to access information about your account at any time.  Simply type #BAL# and hit ‘Send’ for balance information.  Type #MIN# and ‘hit ‘Send’ to learn how many minutes you have used in the current billing cycle.  Type #MSG# and hit ‘Send’ to find out how many messages you have used in your current billing cycle.  Type #999# and hit ‘Send’ to check the minutes left in your WebPack.  And finally, type #686# and hit ‘Send’ to retrieve your family mobile phone number.

How to create a new Walmart Family Mobile Account:
  1. From the Walmart Family Mobile home page, click ‘Sign Up’
  2. With your phone on and near you, enter the 10 digit phone number in the boxes shown.  Then select ‘Send Me a Password’
  3. Check your cellphone’s text messages for your temporary password, and use it to log into your account.  You will need to create a new password on the next screen
  4. Select and answer security questions to keep your online account secure
  5. Enter your name and e-mail address

WalMartFamilyMobile Customer Support

Support representatives are available seven days a week, from 4AM until 10PM, Pacific Standard Time.

For additional technical support from the service desk for your phone plan or cell phone, dial ‘611’ from your mobile phone. Or contact myfamilymobile’s customer service via their toll-free number: 1(877) 440-9758.


NOTE: We are not affiliated with WalMart Family Mobile, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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