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UPDATED:  June 8, 2017 – Have you visited, and discovered all the fun features and innovative products found there? Join the My It Works community and shop, surf the latest and best fitness and beauty skin care products, find great deals, become a distributor, all while keeping an eye on a fitter, healthier you!

The It Works system is a revolutionary new product line designed to bring out the brightest, healthiest you–both inside and out! The It Works! system is one of the most potent and effective body care systems available on the market. If you’ve tried losing weight with other weight loss programs like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig with little success, it’s time to try the My It Works! System and take control of your path to a healthy lifestyle to maintaining a healthy weight. We are in no way affiliated with, see below for login access.

MyItWorks Login gives you all the latest payment and account options you’d expect and want in a cutting-edge body revolutionizer! With the Loyal Customer sign up, you receive instant rewards like 40% savings, free shipping, perks points that offer $50 and $150 shopping sprees! Have your membership fee waived by signing up for a minimum 3-month auto-ship commitment. And why not? You’re going to look and feel so much better–you may ask yourself why you didn’t sign up sooner. allows you to be able to view account statements, apply for new products and services, and reactivate or add a new credit card or payment method with maximum ease.
The super easy to use, quick, no-hassle checkout and transaction system at was meant to parallel a streamlined approach to weight loss and personal fitness–with no personal trainer needed!

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When you log in to, you will be presented with a homepage headed by the main navigation bar buttons Join, Shop, System, Shopping Cart, and Checkout. “Join” gives you an exciting video called “LimeLite Conference 2015” that gives you a taste of the people-powered experience at an My It Works! conference. “Shop” allows you to roll your cyber-cart through the aisles, where you will see the various products for skincare including: creams for exfoliating, wrinkles and moisturizing, facial cleansers. also offers a full line of essential oils and aromatherapy, Greens powder, as well as supplements and healthy living weight loss plan systems. To view the product ingredients simply–rollover, click, and behold what organic wonders await you. “System” lays out the constituent parts that go into the patented, signature It Works! healthy body formulas, including the “Ultimate Body Applicator,” the herbal cleanse, the super berry probiotic greens and ThermoFit weight loss formulas. Tally it all up in your shopping cart, checkout, and be on your way to a newer, healthier you!


From humble beginnings and an idea whose time had come in 1995, to the official inception of It Works! in 2001–kicked-off with The Ultimate Body Applicator–Mark and Cindy Pentecost dreamed big and realized even bigger goals. Navigating tough economic times while at the same time bringing innovative personal fitness products to the market saw the reaching of the $450 million sales mark for My It Works!

Contact a representative today at 1-800-537-2395 or with the secure contact form online and get ready for health, success, and prosperity!

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