A Quick Guide to a Successful Interview


There is certainly no shortage of interview tips and tricks being passed around. In addition to simple tips like dressing professionally, there are also many unusual suggestions. For example, creating and acting as a character that would be hired for the position that you are seeking. Though some of these odd suggestions may be effective, there are a few basic but important things that can almost ensure interview success. Consider three simple things you can do to successfully complete your next interview.

Know Your Stuff

Quite possibly the best thing you can do is to thoroughly research the company that you’ll be interviewing with. And not just by looking at the company website and social media accounts. You’ll also want to see what others, including employees and customers, are saying about the company. Search the web, read any recent news articles and, if possible, talk to personal contacts on LinkedIn or elsewhere. This can help you to determine much about the company values, culture and work environment.

Not only will this arm you with insight, but you can also impress your interviewer by showing that you’ve gone above and beyond to learn as much as possible beforehand.

Decide on Relevant Information           successful_interview

Before any interview, you should decide on the skills, accomplishments and experience that it would be most beneficial to highlight. One of the biggest interview pitfalls is deciding on the spot, right when you are asked. Instead, think of a few main points that you’d like to share beforehand. Think of how they relate to the position you are interviewing for and why they can be considered as strengths or positives. They can then be more clearly explained, will have more impact and also be more memorable.

Prepare a Few Thoughtful Questions

99% of employers want someone who is attentive and will take care in fulfilling their job duties. Even before landing the job, you can demonstrate such attentiveness and care by thinking of just a few questions for your interviewer. For example, you can ask for clarification on something mentioned during the interview or about current company events and recent or upcoming changes.

By doing this, you silently assure your interviewer that, if you are hired, you won’t simply clock in and clock out, viewing the job as
only a paycheck. Instead, you show that you have a sincere interest in the company.

By doing these three simple things in preparation for an interview, you will set up a good foundation for success. Research will help you to know what to expect both during the interview and beyond. Carefully choosing what experience to share can make you a more qualified candidate for a certain position. And preparing thoughtful questions shows interest and attention to detail, which is very desirable to employers.

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