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UPDATED:  June 10, 2017 – PCH Search Win is a website that gives you access to Publisher’s House Clearinghouse contest with the chance to win millions. It also helps you find recipes, weather reports, and websites you are looking for. The site has a giveaway every single day. There are new prizes released to the lottery daily making a large prize pool. These prizes are gift cards, electronics, housewares, and cash. In order to participate, you must register and open up an account. When registered you can use a mobile phone or tablet to access your account from anywhere. We are in no way affiliated with PCH Search&Win, see below for login access.

PCH Search Win Login

Registering is easy you fill out the online form. It asks for name, address, city, state, and zip code. Individuals registering must give their date of birth and email address. They will create a password and agree to the terms by checking the boxes at the bottom. After that your account is active and can start searching on the site and entering the sweepstakes and daily giveaways.

Once registered you log in with your email and password. When searching keep it simple and use descriptive keywords. Try to use exact terms when needed to get search results that you want. To win prizes you should use the search engine like a regular one don’t just use it to win prizes. Members logged into their account get a Superprize entry with the first search daily. Tokens are accumulated daily for searching at search.pch.com.

The more frequently you search PCHSeachWin the more likely you are to win contest tokens. PCH search even give customers tokens on their birthday. You can redeem tokens at the redemption center for prizes. A Walmart Gift Card is worth 500 tokens, Applebees $50 Gift Card;500 tokens, and Keurig Brewing System; 1,000 tokens. These are some of the prizes you can win with earning tokens after opening an account with Search PCH.

The site has online games, but is not online gambling that gives members a chance to win money. Some of the games are Solitaire, Minute Mania, Strategy, Word, and Arcade. Play to win cash prizes and more. PCH Search Win has slot games, instant win tickets, and surveys. Becoming a member gives you a chance to win prizes, cash, and gift cards.

Join search.pch.com by visiting the site and filling out the online form or contact customer search by email to learn more. It’s an exciting way to win prizes and cash.

Login Issues

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NOTE: We are not affiliated with PCH Search&Win, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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