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palais royal credit card

UPDATED:  June 12, 2017 – The Palais Royal credit card is a part of the Stage Stores chain of retail department stores. These include such shops as Bealls, Goody’s, Peebles, and Stage. Use the Palais Royal credit card at any of these and other participating locations. Which makes it very flexible in what types of goods can be purchased earning more reward points and Palais Royal coupons. We are in no way affiliated with Palais Royal Credit Card, continue reading for login access.

With a Palais Royal credit card, you can pay your bill online, view billing statements online, and update your account information online. Once you have registered your Palais Royal credit card, create your online account and see your Palais Royal coupons.

Register For A Palais Royal Credit Cardpalais royal credit card

In order to sign up for the online access to Palais Royal online account, simply go to the account registration page to sign up. You will need your account number, but the forms can be filled out even if you don’t have one. If you do not have an account number, however, you will need to provide more personal information in order to register. This allows them to find your account and verify that it is, indeed, yours. Once you have registered your Palais Royal credit card account, you can make payments and view your Palais Royal coupons.

Making Palais Royal Credit Card Payments Online

Once your account has been registered, you can go online and make payments by following these steps:

  1. Visit the Palais Royal website
  2. Type in your username and password.
  3. Click card member if you don’t want to have to sign in every time.
  4. Click sign in.
  5. Go to bill payment.
  6. Choose the payment amount.
  7. When asked, enter your bank account information.
  8. Submit the payment, and confirm the details.

Who is Palais Royal?

PalaisRoyal is a chain of department stores in the United States which are owned and managed by Stage Stores, Inc. They are based out of Houston, Texas and specialize in retailing products which are popular in apparel, cosmetics, accessories, footwear, and housewares. There are several well-known brands which are found only at Palais Royal. These include Wishful Park, Rebecca Malone, Rustic Blue, Valerie Stevens, Sun River, and Signature Studios.

Isadore Erlich founded Palais Royal is 1921 in the town of Shreveport, Louisiana. When he died in 1968, his wife took over the company, and then relinquished it to Bernard Fuchs in 1979, when she was elected chairman. Wellan’s of Alexandria, Louisiana bought the stores in 1985. Stage Stores purchased Palais Royal in 1989. There are currently over eight hundred and fifty Palais Royal stores in forty states across the United States under the names Bealls, Palais Royal, Peebles, Stage, and Goody.

Login Issues

If you forgot your Palais Royal Credit Card login, please see Username Recovery
If you forgot your Palais Royal Credit Card password, please consult Reset Your Password


NOTE: We are not an affiliate with Palais Royal Credit Card, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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