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UPDATED:  June 2, 2017 – There are three different Nordstrom credit card offers. The Nordstrom credit card login allows you to register for one of these credit cards. Visit to select your credit card and to create your Nordstrom Card login.  This is also the website that you can make online payments towards your Nordstrom credit card.  We are in no way affiliated with Nordstrom, continue reading for Nordstrom Credit Card Login access.

Nordstrom Credit Card Login

Nordstrom has recently made some exciting new changes to their website, making it much easier for customers to access Nordstrom Credit Card Login. This makes keeping up with your Nordstrom credit card payment much simpler.nordstrom credit card

  1. You can order a Nordstrom credit card by calling 1-866-491-7860
  2. You can register your card by going to and clicking Sign Up Now. Have your card ready, and enter the information that you are asked for. Give your email address, and create a username and password
  3. Choose three security questions, and give your answers for them. Then, wait for an email from Nordstrom’s to confirm your enrollment

When creating your password, use letters, numbers and special characters for identity theft protection. Also, you may wish to update your passwords often, as well as your security information. This helps prevent others from gaining access to your account.

You can choose whether to receive your statements via email or by regular mail, and you can also enroll for AutoPay with a Nordstrom Card Login. In time, Nordstrom expects to make your statements available online for the last twelve months. If you forget your password or username, you can click on the accompanying link and follow the prompts to regain that information. Be aware that if you try to use your Nordstrom Card login too many times with the wrong information, your account will be locked.

Highlights of the Nordstrom Credit Card

Nordstrom offers multiple cards, and there is good news. Each of the cards offer similar rewards, including the debit card.
Nordstrom Retail Credit Card – Is a great option if you don’t plan on carrying a large balance as the APR can be damaging. The true value of the card is during “bonus point days” when you can get  up to 10x the normal amount.
Nordstrom Visa Signature card – this Nordstrom credit card is most difficult to qualify for but leaves the consumer with the best value and great perks which include roadside assistance, extended warranties, and travel insurance. You can also get 1% back on non-Nordstrom purchases.

Nordstrom History

Nordstrom’s is an upscale fashion retailer based in Seattle and was founded by John W. Nordstrom and Carl F Wallin. The two men started Nordstrom as a shoe store called Wallin and Nordstrom in 1901. Never missing an opportunity, Wallin also owned a shoe repair shop next door.

Of John Nordstrom’s five children, three of them went into the family business. Graduating from the University of Washington, Elmer Nordstrom ran the second Nordstrom store which opened in Seattle in 1923. Already present all over the United States, in 2012, Nordstrom’s expanded into Canada, in March of 2015, they expanded into Puerto Rico.

Nordstrom Card Login Issues

If you forgot your Nordstrom Credit Card login, please see Username Recovery
If you forgot your Nordstrom Card Login password, please consult Reset Your Password


NOTE: We are not an affiliate with Nordstrom Credit Card, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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