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Updated November 2, 2016 – Total Connect Comfort is the smart home app that allows Honeywell Security users to access their online account. Honeywell’s rich 125-year  history proves that their innovativeness is relentless and always on the forefront of technological advances, especially for home security. The newest product they offer is a complete home automation system that includes security cameras and alarm systems.  Some of the features are temperature control, automated locks and windows, ability to turn lights on or off remotely, a flood alert if you have water in your basement; it even gives Honeywell Security customers a GPS tracker for cars! This jump into home automation and smart home systems proves that Honeywell is a leader in the home security system game. Using the MyTotalConnectComfort app you will have complete control of your smart home security system. We are in no way affiliated with, continue reading for login access. 

Features of an Online Account

With MyTotalConnect, smart home app users will feel the comfort of having complete control of their smart home while they are at work or on vacation. Simply log on and check in on your home. Parents can set alerts for when their kids arrive home from school and can make adjustments if they are running late. The wireless security camera can be accessed remotely for live view or review of past footage. Maybe you’ve seen that a package was delivered to your porch but you don’t see it there any longer, go back and review the footage! With your now intelligent home, you have a wireless thermostat and temperature control at your fingertips. Say it’s an autumn day that was warmer in the afternoon but now that you’re heading home it’s getting chilly, login to Total Connect Comfort and turn the heat on so the house is warm when you get there.

One of the more interesting features offered by Honeywell Security is its inclusion of tracking devices for cars. This highlight is important for parents with newly driving teenagers, not only to keep an eye on them but for their safety. Using the vehicle tracking system parents can see if their teen is where they’re supposed to be. Maybe they haven’t checked in when they were supposed to and you want to see if maybe they just forgot, log in and access the GPS tracking feature to see where your car is.

As you can see, with Honeywell Security  home alarm systems bringing the future to the present with their smart home products that can be accessed with any smart device, Apple OS, or Android phone. Smart home technology is really taking off, making a leader in home security and Honeywell Security one of the best home automation systems on the market. With a MyTotalConnectComfort account you get remote security, GPS tracker for cars, live video feed, real time alerts, lighting options,temperature control, and multilingual support from customer service.

My Total Connect Comfort Account

To create a new My Total Connect Comfort System account, start by visiting Click on “Create An Account” button. You will need to read and accept the End User License Agreement. You will then be taken to the new user screen, where you will enter the required contact information, and create a username and password protection that is unique to you and should not be shared with anyone else, then press “Submit.” An activation email will be sent to you, with a link to activate your new account. You may now log in to your online account at any time, at

History of Honeywell, and Current News

Honeywell was recently honored on Institutional Investor’s 2016 All-America Executive Team Rankings. Institutional Investor ranks U.S. companies across 45 different industry sectors. Honeywell ranked in the top three “out of 47 companies in several categories, in the Capital Goods/Industrials: Electrical Equipment and Multi-Industry Sector for the sixth year in a row.”

Honeywell’s origins date back to 1885, when inventor Albert Butz patented a predecessor to the modern thermostat. Many inventions, company mergers, and decades later, Honeywell can link half of its revenue to energy efficient products. Many Honeywell products, like My Total Connect Comfort, involve a blending of physical products with software, creating “connected systems that improve homes, buildings, factories, utilities, vehicles, and aircraft.”

Contacting Honeywell

Honeywell Customer Helpdesk 877-271-8620
Honeywell Technical Support Service Desk 800-468-1502

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