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UPDATED: August 7, 2017 – My eStub Employee Portal, from Paperless Pay Corporation (PPC), is the industry leader of paperless pay roll software, and paperless employee pay stub delivery. MyeStub gives employees much more than just paperless payroll services, you can use your online account to access pay stub information, employee discounts, benefit programs and more. We are in no way affiliated with My eStub, see below for login access. 

My eStub Login —

With a My eStub login, your pay stub deposits are viewable in real time. The secure paperless employee portal not only eliminates waste but reduces time spent processing payroll.  To activate your paperless employee account, follow the instructions below…
>>  Open your browser and go to
>>  Click ‘Employee Portal’ in the top left of the homepage to begin a one-time Initial Setup
>>  Format your User ID and Default Password.  See example below*
—  User ID:        PPC + Employee Number + First 4 Letters of your First Name
—  Password:     PPC + 001
>>  Create a new password* to replace the temporary password provided
>>  Select your Security Questions in order to enable a Password Recovery

my estub paperless employee pay stub

*Please format your User ID and Password in accordance with My eStub setup instructions provided by your employer’s Payroll Department.  The example displayed above is not a valid format.
*Your new password must be at least 8 characters long with at least one lower case character, one upper case character, one number and one special character

eStubview Paperless Employee Portal

By providing employees paperless pay roll services, enables them to view documents involving their payroll, including the previous two years’ worth of W-2s and view past pay stubs. The employee also gets to customize their paycheck layout. My eStub also keeps records of past entries to the payroll system in your account.

This access allows paperless employee to view year-to-date allocations, accruals, deductions, and their own personal information. If an individual is wanting to only see certain dates to view epaystub they can filter options to exclude those from the list of paystubs.

Since employees are dealing with an online paperless payroll service, making sure epaystub information and personal information is kept secure is a top priority. My-eStub requires members to establish a username and password protection. Paperless Pay also conducts quarterly security updates to ensure you have identity theft protection. Additionally, PPC undergoes a SSAE 19 Type II Audit annually to ensure quality security capabilities.

My eStub Setup Account Preferences

Continue through the setup wizard on to select your preferences for…
>>  Email subscriptions
>>  W2 online delivery
>>  Text Message notifications
>>  Payment Listing of your online pay stub

paperless payroll estub

Benefit Program from eTools for Abundant Living

ID Theft Services —
ID Commander is the industry leader when it comes to providing the best identify theft protection, exclusively offered as a paperless employee benefit.  Employees can take advantage of the monthly subscription program which provides identity theft monitoring alerts, identity theft insurance, credit monitoring, identity theft protection and more.  ID Commander from eTools for Abundant Living is your first step in protecting yourself and identity theft prevention.

FunVantage  —
The FunVantage program by eTools for Abundant Living, also known as SavingsSimplified, is a monthly membership rewards program offering discounts on gift certificates, companion airline travel, unlimited movie ticket discounts and up to 50% discounts on leading brands, travel, entertainment, over 300,000 retail locations and gift certificate rewards towards 18,000+ restaurants.

File Security Center —
No longer do we store our personal information in file cabinets, our music, movies or photos in albums.   In today’s world our data is stored digitally. eTools for Abundant Living’s File Security Center offers employees state-of-the-art secure backup for all their data.  Keeping them safe and protecting them from identity theft.

About eTools for Abundant Living and MyeStub

eTools for Abundant Living is based in Jacksonville, FL. Its goal is to give organizations an Extended Employee Benefit Solution by creating cost-saving and time-saving online advantages so that paperless employee can have more spendable income. eTools serves companies with an employee base of 50 – 15,000 to Its partners include PaperlessPay Corporation, All Florida Insurance Services, Inc., My eStub Electronic Pay Advices, and Intuit. Paperless Pay Corporation believes that companies should not have to pay more to go green!

Company Contact

800-489-1711   /   904-781-5548
800 Water Street, Suite 203
Jacksonville, FL 32204

Login Issues

If you forgot your My eStub login, please see Username Recovery
If you forgot your eStubview password, please see Reset Your Password


NOTE: We are not affiliated with, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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