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UPDATED:  JUNE 2, 2017 – Our lifestyles are increasingly becoming more on-the-go, and we need a cell phone and mobile phone plan that can keep up. Whether you need a cell phone plan for business or personal use, iWireless has a cell phone that fits your every need. iWireless phones come in many different styles and offer top models from Apple, Samsung and LG so whether you want an Android phone or an Apple you are covered. With a great selection of no contract phones as well, all come with 4G LTE high-speed connection you can have that pizza at your door faster. We are in no way affiliated with see Below for Iwireless login info. is the easiest way for you to cell phone comparison shop. With a full menu of basic mobile devices, smartphones and other internet devices that can each be paired with the no contract cell phone plan of your choosing.

Cell Phone Plans On

No Contract Cell Phone Plan

The no contract phone plan is more of a pay as you go style mobile phone plan that allows customers to add gigabytes of data, minutes and texts to their phone plan as they need. This phone plan already comes with an unlimited data plan at $50/month, but for individuals who may not want to pay that much or simply do not need that much data there is an option to add data on as you need, making this the best phone plan for those who don’t want to be attached to their cell phone carrier at all.

Freedom Mobile Plan

The Freedom phone plan is very similar to the no contract phones mentioned above in the fact that it offers an unlimited data plan and is still a no contract cell phone plan, but users pay a monthly bill opposed to a pay as you go plan.

Test Drive Your Mobile Plan

iWireless Phones also offers a “test drive” option where customers can try out different variations of plans to get the right combination they like best. And with no contract and unlimited data to fuss with this process is a breeze. You can see why people are flocking to, making it a major cell phone provider amongst the other key cell phone companies. With cheap cell phone plans and the best cell phone deals mixed with friendly local customer service and a helpdesk willing to go the extra mile for its customers, iWireless is making waves.

So head over to the site to begin building a freer phone plan and find selections to help you compare cell phone plans. Along the top of the homepage, there’s an option for Find a Store, Coverage Map, Live Chat, Refill, My Account, Shop, and Customer Service.

Recent News & History

For 2016, iWireless established a 4G LTE network in Iowa and throughout the year is scheduled to launch 100 sites around the region. Organized in 1997, it is part of the T-Mobile family. It is a primary regional wireless communication provider serving Nebraska, Iowa, and Western Illinois with access to the largest wireless voice and data network in the world with the fastest speeds.

Company Contact

Speed up your connections to your family, friends, work, and contacts by stepping into the iWireless community. For the Customer Support, Servicedesk call 1-888-550-4497 or customers have the option for Live Chat Customer Service on the home page.

Mailing Address:
Customer Support Department
4135 N.W. Urbandale Drive
Urbandale, Iowa   50322


NOTE: We are not affiliated with, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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