Are GoSmart Mobile Pre-Paid Plans Right For You?

UPDATED:  JUNE 8, 2017 – Many people choose GoSmart Mobile to get a mobile phone provider that brings you all the convenience of a pre-paid phone and service in one place. Today, more and more people are choosing no-contract cell phone plans, like pre-paid cell phone service, so they can count on paying one flat rate each month. Plans include voice calling minutes, data, and text messages.  Also, with everything being available online it is great to be able to go on the provider’s website and purchase your phone, service plan, and manage your accounts all in one place. GoSmart mobile is dependable. Account
  • Activate account and start using go smart minutes in seconds
  • Save time and gas while guaranteeing that you will always have phone service
  • View monthly statement and GoSmart Mobile calling records
  • Change service plans or purchase a new GoSmart phone
  • Buy a GoSmart SIM Kit to use with an existing cell phone
  • Get nationwide rewards
  • Choose GoSmart mobile refill to add minutes
  • Check order status and track new phone orders or GoSmart SIM Kits
Manage GoSmart Your Account Online
  1. Go to and click on SHOP PHONES & SIMS where you can buy a new phone or a SIM Kit for your existing phone, receive your new phone or SIM confirmation, choose a plan at Browse Plans & Services, then register (located at the top right of the webpage), and activate your account by clicking Activate Account.
  2. Go to and click on My Account at the top right of the main webpage and sign in with your user name and password
  3. Sign in to your account to pay your bill online
Who is Behind the Company?

GoSmartMobile is a subsidiary service of T-Mobile that helps connect people throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. T-Mobile made the subsidiary, GoSmart, nationwide at the beginning of 2013 as a way to give customers a no-annual contract cell phone plans that would give them more rewards for a low, fixed, monthly bill.

Contact Information
  • Just dial 611 from your GoSmart Mobile phone or call 1-877-582-7788, Customer support is available 7 days a week from 4 am to 10 pm and 24/7 through the automated service.
  • Choose your location online


NOTE: We are not affiliated with GoSmart Mobile, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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