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UPDATED:  June 13, 2017 – is at the forefront of the online driving education movement.  Driver’s Education came into being almost as soon as Model T’s, and the original and earliest cars were created and hit the road, Driver training gained popularity, it was soon known as Drivers Education.  We are in no way affiliated with, see below for login access.

First started by annoyed friends, and family that became a running gag in silent movies, it was soon replaced by a professional course. An entrepreneur in South London, the United Kingdom began as a business teaching people to drive at the British School of Motoring.   It offered written classes and hands-on training.   The course taught such skills as managing the control and basic road aptitude.

In 1901, licenses became a requirement in all US states.

In our modern society, we know driver’s education or as it is colloquially called driver’s ed, as something taken by high school students but others can take it as well.   In the US, the first high school driver’s education class was started in Pennsylvania in 1934 and thus, a business and a certification standard were born. is the premier place online to find all your drive education needs.  The offerings are impressive.   From Drivers Ed for teens, adults and those Elderly drivers who want to expand their knowledge.  It offers In-car training and driving lessons.   Another wing is Traffic School Defensive Driving.   They provide practice written tests and driving tests.   They help to navigate the practice test, and the permit test as well as dealing with the regulations of the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles).

Driver’s education is a tool that saves time, money and frustration.   It is a supplement to the rules and regulations that are on government-printed driving handbooks or manuals.   However, there’s so much more to driver’s education; there are hands on in-car instruction where a student is paired with an instructor, often in a dual control car.

One of the clear advantages of driver’s education is that many car insurance companies reduce the premium significantly,

With the surge of online training, driversed com came into being.     People find that an online driving education is affordable and convenient. Another advantage is that online programs give parents the ability to administer and monitor the behind the wheel driving instruction. 

When you or your teen need to learn to drive. Or when if someone is from a foreign country needing to learn the rules of the road in the United States is the online site to go to.

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