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UPDATED:  June 10, 2017 – The days of security cameras and home security systems being bulky, expensive, and difficult to install are long gone. Today, you can get a very sleek, compact, and lightweight camera for a decent price that is easy to set up and use. If you’ve been curious about getting your own security camera (the easy way), give the $200 Dropcam Pro a serious consideration.

Dropcam Pro, now Nest, is the best home security system to keep you and your home or place of work safe. A private, secure drop cam online account keeps you even safer, by maximizing your security equipment’s accessibility for its owner: you, and only you. Find out more at www.dropcam.com. We are in no way affiliated with Dropcam, see below for Dropcam login access. 

The $199.99 Dropcam Pro is a small, WiFi enabled, security camera for personal use. The primary goals with this device are to provide a quick and easy way to “check in” on wherever the camera is placed while keeping setup easy and the price reasonable. It’s worth noting that the Dropcam Pro doesn’t record or save any footage locally. It produces a live video stream, which is encrypted and relayed through Dropcam’s servers.

How to Manage Your DropCam Login Access

When you have a Dropcam login, you can use it from your computer – or, you can use the Dropcam app – now the Nest App – from your smart phone. Any home appliance that has a “Works With Nest” logo on it in the store can be used with your Nest login. Nest security cameras, lights, your thermostat, your smoke detectors, furnace, dryer, fan, and other devices record information about your needs and preferences and communicate with one another via Nest to keep you safe and comfortable.

It also saves you energy and money. Purchase devices that work with Nest create an account with the device’s website and then authorize the device with your Nest log in. The device communications are authorized with secure tokens through OAuth 2.0.

How to Register Your Dropcam

To register for an online account on drop cam com, visit the home page, and click “Sign In” at the top right. Then, select “Sign Up” at the bottom right. Provide your email dress, then enter a password of your choosing.

Dropcam: Background and Recent News

Nest Labs was founded by former Apple engineers in 2010. Starting with 17 employees, it had 1,100 employees by the end of 2015. The nest is a producer of home automation enabled devices that use Wi-Fi, including thermostats, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors. In 2015, Nest acquired Dropcam, adding home security cameras to its list of devices that Work With Nest (WWN.) Nest Cam Indoor and Outdoor are both available. All WWN devices are programmable, sensor-driven, and self-learning to provide home services that customers need.

The Nest was acquired by Google in 2014. Examples of WWN product brands available (or that are coming soon) are: MyFox Home Alarm, Keen Home Smart Vent, Philips Hue, August Smart Lock, Whirlpool washers and dryers, Chamberlain MyQ, Kevo Smart Lock, LIFX, Pebble, WallyHome, Ooma Telo, Lutron Lights and Shades, IFTTT, Rachio Iro, Mercedes-Benz, Big Ass Fans, Automatic, Insteon, Withings Aura, Logitech Harmony, Life360, Jawbone UP24, ivee Sleek, Google Now, Scout Alarm, Zuli Smartplugs, Sense Mother, ChargePoint Home EV Charging Station, Wink, LG Appliances, Beep Dial, Vinli, Crestron, Simplisafe, Osram Lightify, Yonomi, Haven Smart Lock, Luna Smart Mattress Cover, and NEEO.

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