Best wifi Security Cameras for 2017

UPDATED:  June 12, 2017 – Home security camera systems are growing in capability and lowering in price as technology continues to improve. If you aren’t wanting to deal with one of the bigger home security companies but are still wanting to have the protection of an alarm and security camera, take a look at some of the best wireless security systems you can buy today. With this guide of home security camera systems, you won’t be attached to contracts, companies or bulky home security equipment.

Ezviz Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera

Starting off with the least expensive, but by no means the least capable: the Ezviz Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera is appropriately tiny to match its price! Like many home security cameras these days, it’s simple for the average consumer to install. It records sharp HD 720p footage, detects motion, sends you to push alerts if you so desire, and stores its footage in a variety of different manners – your choice between cloud and local.  Customers love the app for Android or iOS to view live or recorded footage. Users complained about the lack of two-way audio, not having a way to turn motion detection OFF, and its inability to interact with other connected “smart home” security devices.

OCO Wifi Cloud Camera

The next level up in price is the OCO Wifi Cloud Camera. This camera is available for iOS and Android which allows users to view live footage that the camera captures. With its use of cloud storage, it’s very easy to go back and look through security footage. It detects both motions in full HD color and noises. The OCO Wifi Cloud Camera is even easier to install than the Ezviz mini – it takes minutes. Unfortunately, you can only store footage with a cloud subscription, because it doesn’t have local storage. It also sometimes switches to Night Vision Mode before it’s dark.

FLIR FX WiFi Home Monitoring Camera FXV101-H

The multi-functional FLIR FX is blissfully more than a security camera: monitor your home’s humidity and temperature levels from afar, with free cloud storage for footage (unless you want more than two days’ worth of footage; then you’d need to buy a cloud subscription.) Its video quality is an impressive 1080px. The FLIR FX can also run on battery power for a full four hours and has some local storage capability with its microSD card. Downsides: this camera sometimes has false motion alerts, unfortunately, and can’t work with third party devices – a drawback that many other devices have covered.


Want a super sneaky security camera that any would be thief will ever guess is there? Try Kuna, a fake trick porch light that is your wifi security camera. Its motion sensor accurately captures anything moving within range and comes equipped with a microphone and speaker to let you hear and talk back to visitors. Cloud subscriptions must be purchased for footage longer than two hours, and sometimes Kuna can have a faulty network connection.

Withings Home

In the same price range as Kuna is the Withings Home. This multi-sensor equipped cylindrical setup is cute, with a patterned-wood cover. It can alert you when any sounds or motions are detected, and it stores footage in the cloud for you to review. It also monitors air quality and alerts you if pollutant levels are present. The Withings Home security camera works only with iOS. It doesn’t yet give you the option to download footage elsewhere and store it; its HD quality also isn’t quite up to par, especially compared to some of the less expensive cameras on this list.

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