ADT Wireless Home Security System 2017

UPDATED:  June 10, 2017 – ADT is a security company whose primary goal is to take care of your safety in your home or business. With over 140 years of being on the market and providing quality services to its clients, ADT pulse has risen to be one of the most sorts after Security Company in North America. The company employs professionals who have been in the security business for a long time and exactly how to go around your safety to protect your home and your business. We are in no way affiliated with ADT Pulse, see below for ADT Pulse login access. 

ADT offers a wide variety of products with features to meet the security needs of diverse homeowners. ADT’s latest systems offer home automation features that can adjust the temperature, activate electronic door locks, and send automatic alerts to client smartphones or email addresses.

ADT Pulse login security system also lets you arm and disarm security remotely, control small appliances with a smartphone, and assign unique access codes to members of your household.

With ADT Pulse you can control In-wall On/Off Switch, Plug-in Dimming Lamp Module, Garage Door Opener Controller, High Voltage Energy Switch Nano Adapter, Wi-Fi Extender, and iHub.

While ADT Home Security is their premier home security system, ADT Pulse is ADT’s wireless security service. The MyADT Pulse Security System lets you remotely control your residential security system via a device. Using your phone or computer, control the ADT Pulse Security System when you’re home and even away from home. ADT Pulse is accessible via several portals: their secure web portal via phone or computer. The system also directly sends emails and texts if the system detects changes. Pretty convenient, right?

ADT Home Security Alarms, Sensors, detectors available for the ADT home alarm system include:

  • Burglar alarms
  • Caron monoxide detectors
  • Flood detectors
  • Fire and smoke detectors
  • Glass breaking monitors
  • Motion detectors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Recessed door sensors
  • Home Security Cameras

ADT is one of the oldest and most popular home security companies in the United States. It also operates in 35 other countries. When founded in 1874, ADT focused on developing stock tickers and messenger systems. After an intruder tried to break into the president’s home, though, he developed a telegraph alert system that connected 50 of his neighbors to a central location.

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